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If the Cybertruck’s long wait has got you itching for some innovative, futuristic wheels, the Infinite Machine P1 is here to fill the void. This Vespa-like electric scooter takes design cues from Tesla’s legendary concept, with bold aluminum panels and an eye-catching silhouette that screams “the future.” Ideal for city dwellers, the P1 is fully electric and boasts a removable battery, delivering a robust 60-mile range on a single charge. Its 6kW motor is both hushed and potent, allowing you to zip around town at a max speed of 55 miles per hour. Plus, it’s got a Turbo Boost button for those times when you need a sudden burst of speed. The onboard screen, complete with wireless CarPlay, handles navigation and tunes through the built-in speaker. You can even stash your phone in a convenient slot below. And to keep your investment safe, the P1 features sensors that detect tampering, triggering an alarm and locking the motor. Infinite Machine is now accepting orders for the first 1,000 units, with delivery expected in 12 to 18 months. So, if you’re eager to hit the road in style and make a statement, the Infinite Machine P1 is your ticket to the future of urban commuting. Get in on the action now!

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Are you looking for a stylish and durable everyday writing tool?  Elevate your writing experience and show off your distinctive style with the Zebra Pen STEEL Series. The entire month of November, Zebra Pen is celebrating their STEEL line! Combining style strength and value, their wide variety of stainless-steel writing tools in the STEEL Series ensure writing comfort with industry-leading precision and stability. This series is called a classic for a reason – they are the ”write” tool for anyone and any job.

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