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There have been plenty of great user-designed LEGO sets that were put into production after a successful campaign on LEGO Ideas. If we’re being honest, we haven’t been as excited about any of them as we are about the upcoming LEGO Ideas Home Alone set. Almost 4,000 pieces come together to recreate the McCallister house from Home Alone in incredible detail so you can relive the movie with bricks and minifigs. From the swinging paint cans, to the hot iron, to the spider, all the booby traps are covered so you can mess up both Harry and Marv. They even included the rotating Michael Jordan cutout, Little Nero’s pizza boxes, and a TV with a scene from Angels with Filthy Souls on it. This is 90s nostalgia at its best. If you want to learn more about everything that went into making the house, check out creator Alex Storozhuk’s interview on the LEGO Ideas blog. The LEGO Ideas Home Alone kit will be released on November 1st.

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