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Want to watch your favorite movies and TV shows on the go? Your phone screen doesn’t do it justice so LG developed the innovative StanByMe Go Suitcase TV, a high-quality TV screen packed in a portable suitcase. This ingenious creation is a nod to futuristic and functional design, seamlessly merging technology with travel. The sleek and sturdy suitcase opens up to reveal a vibrant TV screen that’s ready to bring your favorite shows, movies, and sports events to life, no matter where your adventures take you.

Inside, you’ll find a 27-inch full HD LED touchscreen, 20-watt speaker system, and three-hour rechargeable battery. With its compact form factor, it’s an ideal companion for road trips, hotel stays, or simply lounging outdoors. Imagine setting up an outdoor movie night under the stars or catching up on your binge-worthy series while waiting at the airport – the possibilities are as endless as your wanderlust. The built-in battery will last up to 3 hours and the adjustable screen means you can tilt your viewing experience to whatever works best for your environment. Elevate your travel escapades with the LG StanByMe Go Suitcase TV and redefine how you stay entertained while exploring the world.

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Are you looking for a stylish and durable everyday writing tool?  Elevate your writing experience and show off your distinctive style with the Zebra Pen STEEL Series. The entire month of November, Zebra Pen is celebrating their STEEL line! Combining style strength and value, their wide variety of stainless-steel writing tools in the STEEL Series ensure writing comfort with industry-leading precision and stability. This series is called a classic for a reason – they are the ”write” tool for anyone and any job.

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