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If you’ve ever dreamed of jet-setting across the globe at supersonic speeds, we’ve got some news for you – your inner aviation aficionado is about to take flight! The legendary Concorde is back, but this time, it’s in LEGO form.

This Concorde LEGO set is a sleek tribute to one of aviation’s most iconic aircraft. With its meticulously crafted design and attention to detail, this LEGO set captures the spirit of the Concorde perfectly. With over 2,000 pieces, this set is an astounding recreation of the iconic Concorde plane. Eagle-eyed builders will notice impressive details like the tiltable droop nose and visor, the unique accessible seating area, the additional tail landing gear. With the LEGO Concorde set you’ll get a chance to recreate the magic of this supersonic masterpiece. And it’s not just a display piece; it’s a trip down memory lane for aviation enthusiasts of all ages. So, gear up, get ready to build, and let the Concorde soar in your living room! Get your hands on this LEGO set and take flight with nostalgia today. The LEGO Concorde set is available for purchase now for $200 though it is currently on backorder with shipments scheduled for the end of the month.

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